My Very First Kick………

It is always a delight to write about great moments in Sports. Call me Mensahh. For my first blog, I will introduce myself, my passionate journey in Sports so far and the areas I will share my thoughts on. This is the beginning of a beautiful journey and I am glad to have you along. Do stick around and let us learn together as we share in a universal passion – SPORTS

As a young boy in school, being on the School Sport team was the most fulfilling adventure. I got to travel with the sports team across the country, meeting other student athletes who were both academically brilliant and good on the field of play. It was always a joy to wear the colours of my School to represent the values of my institution. No feeling could be compared to lowering your head for a medal when you had played to the rules with passion and won with your team mates.

It never came to me as a surprise that Physical Education was the only class I ever topped. It was always a delight fixing the goalpost net in preparation for home matches, setting out the hurdles for athletic events and cheering up athletes during games that i did not participate in. My passion for sport has grown throughout my academic years. Playing sports, I learnt the lessons of teamwork, the strength to accept defeat and the humility to celebrate your wins knowing it is only a call to do and be better at the next game. Knowing my personal connection with sports, I have developed the passion at any opportunity, either playing, organising, or cheering. I Play Field Hockey, Basketball, Football and Table Tennis.

My Love for sports took a different turn when during my University days. My play time reduced when I became more enthused about organising sports events and competition. My attention moved from on the field play to watching from the top to know that fans and players enjoyed sports. Planning, organising, leading and controlling resources to ensure that sports events were successful became a new passion, and more so i was still around sports. As a Management student, that was a good opportunity to get things done through people in sports.

I have had great moments in sports, both as a young school team player and a sport event organiser. After my MSc. Sports Management program I learnt that passion alone will not get results in sports unless it is backed with practice, commitment and resilience and other scientifically proven theories. It is these and other valuable lessons that sport teaches that I will be sharing with my community.

I will write both as a passionate young team player and a professional Sports Management Consultant who enjoys every bit of my work and my passion. Join me at this point of my journey to explore the best options in sports, its management and how we can get the best out of it. KEEP READING.

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